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PEARL fiber ROVING top

PEARL fiber ROVING top

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 PEARL fiber ROVING top form

1 ounce 


🐚 leaves your fingers feeling so so soft! 🐚

After doing research I found that: (Written by someone more familiar with this fiber then myself)

Pearl fiber is made by adding an incredibly fine powder made from natural pearls during the production process of viscose. The pearl particles completely permeate the fiber and cover the entire outside surface. This results in a soft, silky fiber reminiscent of silk, but made from cellulose fibers and the richness of pearl added! Pearl fibers are naturally antibacterial and protect against UVA rays.

Pearl fiber dyes well with cellulose dyes, and I had read that it could be dyed with protein fiber dyes as well, since the pearl powder is protein rich and is throughout the fiber. I have not tried this out.

The nutrients and trace elements that are infused through the fiber do not wash out, as they are part of the fiber itself.

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